NATURAL WINE & SARDINES PACK / Orange Wines / Vinhos & Conservas Pinhais

NATURAL WINE & SARDINES PACK / Orange Wines / Vinhos & Conservas Pinhais

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In this pack you will find three bottles of sparkling & orange natural wine and six conserved fish items from Conservas Pinhais. 


  • Cantina Furlani Nativo Alpino 2018 / Italy / Pet nat
  • Luminoso  2019 / Portugal / Orange wine 
  • Vinos Ambiz Alba 2019 / Spain / Orange wine


Pinhais Artisanal Portuguese canned fish since 1920

100% Natural, Feito à mão e Português

  • Pinhais Sardinha Azeite Ilustrado 
  • Pinhais Sardinha Azeite Picante Ilustrado 
  • Nuri Sardinha Tomate 
  • Nuri Sardinha Tomate Picante 
  • Pinhais Filetes de Cavala Azeite
  • Pinhais Filetes De Cavala Azeite Picante 

Bivalves are a sustainable and non endangered species as well as being responsibly farming, canned seafood provide a solution as the goods are non perishable.

🍷 Food wastage is a difficult issue to tackle and by finding a truly artisanal and delicious product we are able to move through these issues.
Not forgetting that canned fish is an age old tradition in Portugal and considered a delicacy.🐙

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